Tell me what you eat and …

Tell me what you eat and …

“…It seemed that a strange alchemical process dissolved her entire being in the rose sauce, in the quails, in the wine and in every meal’s aroma.” (Laura Esquivel)

Smell is the guide of taste. Who is affected by anosmia, the loss of smell, is unable to appreciate flavors.

Nutrition is a key element in defining oneself and one’s identity. “We are what we eat”: eating habits, methods of preparation and preferences, are practices that reveal our identity.

What we eat defines our being: the food we eat, determines the smell of our body. Although everybody has a genetically defined personal odor, that is a non-modifiable odortype, the human olfactory profile is largely influenced by nutrition.

What happens when smell and taste blend in the formula of a perfume?

Artistic research becomes alchemy, it crosses over different arts and borrows sensations and languages ​​of different sensorial dimensions.

Those who participated at the workshop “Let’s eat Fragrances!” during Esxence 2018 proved a taste of this magic. The perfumers Maurizio Cerizza and Cristian Calabrò told about the creative process implemented in the composition of some “edible” fragrances, created starting from food aromas and adding, to the purely gustatory notes, olfactory and emotional inspiration.

Perfumer and flavourist worked closely, combining their different sensory worlds, composing accords to smell and taste … A creative workshop between cooking and perfumery, a sensory awakening that allowed the participants to smell yeast and bread notes and drink roses…

At this link you can see the workshop .

… let yourself be guided by the imagination and the evocative power of words …

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