Selection and Evaluation Criteria

With determination Esxence pursues the objective of giving visibility to excellence, through high level requirements based on quality and coherence, which perfectly represent the Art of Perfumery and its creativity.

In addition, it is committed to welcoming other expressive forms of quality in fields such as, Home Fragrance, Toiletries, Cosmetics and Make-Up, which have creative and distributive affinities with Niche Signature Perfumery.

Esxence aims to become an international and solid reference point over time for all of the brands who stand out for the quality of their offerings, marketing choices, and their distinctive distribution of Niche Signature Perfumery.

The aim of Esxence is to create a meeting opportunity for the producers of Artistic Perfumery, therefore only the parent companies are authorized to exhibit.

Whether a distributor, and not a producer company, applies, the application must enclose the authorization to exhibit with the signature of the parent company.

So as to realise an exhibition which represents a gathering of the most particular offerings in the sector, also able to give opportunities to new creative realities that aspire to enter this field, very strict criteria have been defined.

The evaluation for the participation will take place in two phases:

Phase 1: Qualitative – Artistic Analysis

The brands, whose applications for admission will be considered by the Technical Committee, must have, at least, a general profile that corresponds to the following criteria:

– The image and the philosophy of the brand are based upon a credible and documented history, which translates into products and compositions quality and artistic characteristics as well as that of uniqueness coherent with Niche Signature Perfumery.

– The creations should display an aesthetic-stylistic coherence allowing each and every individual product to be recognised as belonging to the brand’s total graphic design scheme.

– The brand presents creations of high artistic, compositional, qualitative and stylistic value, destined to assisted sales and not self-service.

– The brand’s offerings are directed toward consumers seeking creations of great originality, character and artistic value.


Phase 2: Distribution Analysis Profile

If the profile is consistent with the description found above, the following criteria concerning the distribution features will be taken into consideration:

– The brand is offered in European and Extra-European markets through an extremely selective and high quality distribution network in order to maintain its peculiarity.

– Its quality and its distribution selectivity is homogeneous in each country in which the brand is offered.

– Its market is not greater than 0,2% of the overall turnover in the beauty sector in the each country where it is found.

– It is not usually present in the offerings of the organised chain stores which develop a turnover greater than 3% of the cosmetic sector in each country. Distribution through such a channel would indicate negative evaluation.

– It is virtually absent from the MM GDO (Major Multiples/Large Scale Retail) channels. Distribution through such a channel would indicate negative evaluation.


Information and formation of the distribution network

The concession holders must be able to offer precise information on the history, the philosophy and the artistic qualities of the products in order to communicate these competently and correctly to the end users. Relative hard copy, digital and on line documentation must be provided to Esxence together with the samples.


In the event that the Brand has been recently introduced onto the market and/or does not yet have a consistent presence and/or has not yet defined an international distribution strategy, it will be taken into consideration exclusively as a Spotlight brand clearly highlighting its growing profile.

Selection procedure for the definitive list of exhibiting brands

The procedure features the following steps:

  1. A list of all of the brands that applied for admission to Esxence is gathered.
  2. The Technical Committee will work to accurately screen all of the brands that make up the list.
  3. From this analysis the brands will be divided into three categories:

– Brands admitted to Esxence as Main Brands

– Brands admitted to Esxence as Spotlight Brands

– Brands not admitted to Esxence

  1. The consultative analysis of the Technical Committee will be taken up again by the Organising Committee which will give the final approval for the definitive list, which will be finally made public.

5.  In case the applications are incomplete or insufficient and/or are presented after the fixed deadline, they will be analysed according to a similar procedure and, if possible, the definitive list will be updated with the new entries.

Organising Committee


The organising Committee deals with the ideation, planning and realisation of Esxence, with the assistance of the organisational team.

It has the responsibility to manage the following activities:


Criteria Definition: the Commitee defines and proclaims the Criteria for the selection of the brands that will be admitted as exhibitors to Esxence. To implement the Criteria over time, considering the evolving reality of the sector, the Organising Committee will coordinate a series of meetings on this theme with the representatives of the brands. These proceedings, composed of free critical expression and opinion collection are essential to harmonise the Criteria and improve the exhibition.

Composition of the Technical Committee: with the first definition of the Criteria, Esxence completes an important step toward its main objective: becoming a prestigious international appointment dedicated to all the brands and distributors of Niche Signature Perfumery. For a fine selection of the brands, the Organising Committee will rely on the expertise of a Technical Committee.

Brands list: once the Organising Committee receive the applications, a first brands list will be defined. This provisional list will be forwarded to the Technical Committee, which will express its opinion and draw up the first definitive list.

A constructive approach: once the approved exhibitors list has been published, the Organising Committee will be available, before the edition of Esxence, for a meeting with the excluded brands, so as to discuss the critical points which caused their exclusion. This will be a great opportunity for usefull suggestions tha could help these brands to apply for future editions.

Ideate and manage the activities and initiatives dedicated to the public visiting the exhibition

Composition of the Organising Committee

– Valentina Cagnola

– Maurizio Cavezzali

– Silvio Levi


Technical Committee


The members of this team have the duty to express a judgement on the list, including all those brands that applied. In particular they have to make a selction in order to define three categories:


  1. Brands admitted to Esxence as Main Brands
  2. Brands admitted to Esxence as Spotlight Brands
  3. Brands not admitted to Esxence

Subsequently, the Organising Committee will analyse the results and will draw up the first definitive list which will be published on the website and will become official after the possible new entries, coming from the waiting list created after the application deadline.


Composition of the Technical Committee

The members, chosen by the Organising Committee, will be Italian, European and Extra European distributors and retailers,. 8 candidates will be selected in the order to form a panel of experts able to analyse and evaluate the brands list. The role of President of the Technical Committee will be assigned, in rotation to one of the members of the Organising Committee, voted by majority and he will remain in charge for one year.

Each member selected who will then confirm his or her availability to take part in the Technical Committee, will be asked to express his or her opinion filling up the specific form and sending it back to the Organiser by email. There will be a limited period of time for the evaluation.

Each member will have free access to the documentation provided by the brands and will receive the documents and samples of the brands that apply for the first time.

The list of the candidates among whom the members of the Technical Committee will be selected will be published, but the names of the members who will be awarded memberships will not.

For each member of the Technical Committee, at least one substitute member will be identified to replace the official member with immediate effect in the event of his/her resignation or the non-fulfilment of his/her duties within the terms agreed and defined in the letter of appointment.


Composition of the 2020 edition Technical Committee

– One representative of the Organising Committee with the role of President.

– One representative from the Italian sector

– One representative chosen by the Organising Committee

– Six foreign experts (preferably from different countries) chosen by the Organising Committee


Below the list of distributors and retailers among whom the members of the technical commitee are nominated:

Mrs. Barbara LoddoAquacosmetics srlItaly
Mrs. Esmeralda De FouwBeauty Must HavesHolland
Mr. Filippo BarberoBomondeSpain
Mr. Silvio LeviCalé SrlItaly
Mr. David FrossardDifferent LatitudesFrance
Mr. Luca FalchettiEssenses SRLItaly
Mr. Roberto DragoKaonItaly
Mrs. Kathryn MalleyLafferty’sGermany
Mr. Alireza KhazalLuxassist & Co/Sesame by JVIran
Mrs. Madeleine FlorescuMadisonRomania
Mr. Christian LenglingMASTER BRANDS e.KGermany
Mr. Davide GherardiOfficina s.r.l.Italy
Mr. Valentino di LielloCampomarzio70Italy
Mrs. Joanna MissalaPerfumeria Quality Missala sp.j.Poland
Mr. Patrick PaceP.I.D.C SrlFrance
Mr. Johann VitreySesame by J.V.France
Mr. Philip HillegeSkins CosmeticsNetherlands
Mr. Stefano SaccaniStefano SaccaniItaly
Mr. Chris HawksleyThe Orange Square Co. Ltd.England
Mr. Mihai DascaliucDas EliteUAE
Mr. Herbert StrickerHS-Style GmbHGermany
Mr. David AlbrechtAlbrecht Parfümerie seit 1732Germany
Mr. Silvio LeviCalé SrlItaly
Mrs. Giorgia PetriniCarlotta’s Beauty ShopItaly
Mrs. Cathy BostonColonial DrugUSA
Mrs. Cristina BalanElysee ConceptRomania
Mr. Georg R.WuchsaFa WuchsaGermany
Mrs. Christiane BehmannHautsache in Oldenburg-rare Parfum…Germany
Mr. Marc HengartnerHyazinth ParfumerieSwitzerland
Mrs. Mariham HabashyLe Nez Fragrance BarEgypt
Mrs. Nicole SchafrothLe Parfums ViennaAustria
Mrs. Claire HawskleyLes SenteursUK
Mr. David FrossardLiquideFrance
Mrs. Madeleine FlorescuMadisonRomania
Mrs. Silvia PerriconeNeos 1911Italy
Mr. Nicolas CloutierNose ParisFrance
Mrs. Haifa Al RajhiO – 100UAE
Mr. Jon OlascoagaPerfumeria UrbietaSpain
Mr. Adel HamdanPlethoraUAE
Mr. Giovanni PadovanProfumeria ” Al Sacro Cuore”Italy
Mr. Antonio AlessandriaProfumeria Boudoir 36Italy
Mr. Lorenzo PreattoniProfumeria G. PreattoniItaly
Mrs. Ornella GambariniProfumeria GambariniItaly
Mrs. Silvia VaninProfumeria GlamourItaly
Mr. Alberto PanteoProfumeria PanteoItaly
Mr. Emanuele BuratoProfumeria Raffaele TerriacaItaly
Mr. Stefano VittorioProfumeria Vittorio GiudiceItaly
Mr. Guido WetterIl ProfumoItaly
Mr. Philip HillegeSkins CosmeticsNetherlands
Mr. Andrius RemisevskisUAB Alteus-Crème de la crème BoutiqueLituania
Mr. Roja DoveUrban Retreat HarrodsUK
Mr. Laurence Arrigo KloveBongèrie GriederSwitzerland


Mr. Lorenzo VilloresiLorenzo VilloresiItaly
Mr. Eugenio AlphanderyOfficina Profumo di Santa Maria NovellaItaly
Mr. Andrea CasottiCFF SpaItaly